Dog Walking Packages

By now you’re probably thinking… It’s a good idea, but it’ll never work for my dog. My dog is way too strong, he’ll  pull me over in an instant and drag me down the street!
It’s a completely understandable viewpoint… After all, you probably already have a strained, sore shoulder from his mighty lunges when he sees a cat. You have red chaffed spots on your hands from having to wrap the leash around and around your fist just to keep your pulling dog from dragging you down the street all whilst choking himself on his collar.
You know that the more you pull on the leash, the more he pulls on the leash, but how can you stop it when he won’t listen?
When you let go of the leash and take the pressure through your core, not only are you stronger but you instantly avoid sending confusing signals from your arm to your dog that make total sense to you but baffle him.
You don’t need to be a weight lifter with bulging biceps to hang onto your dog.


  • I've used the Dog Pack all day today and absolutely love it. I'm fairly small (50kg and short) and my dog is 40kg, so this is a big deal for me! It distributes any pressure really evenly (you were right!) and surprisingly I prefer it to simply clipping a lead on my belt (which is what I have been doing) to limit the pressure on my arm. The pockets are really handy, and my husband and I couldn't believe the high quality of the product compared to a lot of other leads, etc. As I mentioned to you, I could not find anything like this on the Internet - this is truly a unique product, and I wish you a lot of success with it. I wish I'd bought it months ago! Oh - and most importantly, the styling looks pretty cool - not dorky! Kathy
  • I bought a dog pack today at petfest for my lab. It is fantastic, I took my dog for an hour long walk and she quickly realised that there was no point in leaping after other dogs. I had so much control I could even push my daughters bike when she was tired. Thank you so much!
  • I use every day, thank you for such a great bag I can not do with out!! Cheers Britta x WalkwithSheba
  • Dear Lena, My name is Kylie and I recently received a Hands-free dog walking pack as part of the Lifestyle YOU Channel's 'You Try It You Rate It Promotion'. I would like to thank you for this wonderful gift as it has become a true treasure in our household and I have also included a copy of the review which I recently posted, please find below. This hands-free dog walking pack is wonderful and makes daily exercise including visits to the park a true pleasure. The quality of all products including the dog pack belt, extra leads, toys and accessories are exceptional and heavy duty while the functionality is ingenious. There was ease/convenience as the dog pack held everything from necessary dog essentials to my phone, keys and even a bottle of water. This masterpiece had an adjustable lead length which showed extreme versatility and reassuring safety. I can see why the hands-free dog walking pack creates happy and enjoyable walking experiences for people and their pets because it has for us. Thank you again and you should be very proud of the Dog Pack Hands-Free Dog Walking range, we wish you all the best of luck.
  • I just bought the very last “DogPack” at my butcher – from your brother! Wonderful fellow! I tried it with my hyperactive German Shepherd – a chronic puller and yanker unless using the hated head halter. You have freed us both – her from that halti and my complete dog walking experience. We shall practice and I predict soon we shall be pros. BTW this was so comfy to wear and use I must praise you. The design and workmanship are exceptional and I shall be showing all my friends with my pink outfit. Big thanks to you and I shall thank your brother when I’m in there next. Carol
  •   LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Makes walking my lab so much easier and more beneficial and super easy to let him on and off leash. Great product!!